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The nearest outfits collection~

Please call these pictures “No hat no life”…._(:з」∠)_


1&2, hat: Alèthe / scarf: R-SERIES / JSK, bag&shoes: IW / tights: Grimoire / parasol: BSSB.

3, hat: Corgi / blouse: R-SERIES / vest,pants&tights: IW / bag: BSSB

4&5, OP, bag, stockings&shoes: IW / brooch: R-SERIES / parasol: BSSB.

6&7, hat: Burgess Hats’ / blouse&pants: R-SERIES / tails: B.O.Z.

8, hat: Deserve / JSK: R-SERIES / stockings&bag: IW.

9, hat&bolero: R-SERIES / JSK: IW/  parasol: BSSB.

10, Yes! This is a sneak peek of our new design! The whole series will be released between Aug and Sep! Do not miss it then~ :P
hat, eye patch, blouse&vestcoat: R-SERIES , pants: A&P.

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Here are all five spreads from the pokemon zine I made for Light Grey Art Lab!

The show is now open, so if you’re in the Minneapolis area, you should definitely go check it out. You can find more information about the show here.

I will be printing more of these zines in the future and will let you know when they are for sale!

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Official posters for the show, given away at various events over the years.



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Why NyNy doesn’t ship SebaCiel.


Okay I’ve wanted to write this for quite a while now. First things first, if you’re a SebaCiel-shipper and don’t want to hear why it’s not canon in the slightest then please don’t read this. Like, you can discuss with me if you want to but I don’t want to be hated just for my opinion, alright? You’ve been warned.

Rant under the cut.

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Yeah, this is exactly what I have always feel about this. 



We are Groot…

"The girlfriend I had before my wife, though — she might be an Aiko. I thought she was helpless and it was up to me to save her — but really, she didn’t need me at all. When I saw that she didn’t actually need me, I realized that it was actually me who depended on her, and I felt really embarrassed. I think I wanted that girl to be in an unhappy position like Aiko, so I could save her."

- Asano Inio (via a-s-h-e)

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